Rugged Tablets for Rugged Guys and Gals
As a Platinum Reseller of Motion Computing tablets, Allegiance Technology has been providing rugged tablets to customers in police, fire, EMS, construction, field service and healthcare for over 12 years.

Try a demo unit and see for yourself...
Allegiance Technology's tablet demo program lets you try a rugged Motion Computing tablet in YOUR environment with YOUR software.  We'll even send you the accessories you need to test every aspect of these rugged tablets.  Just visit our Motion Computing demo program page.




Check out our online store if you are looking for new, used or refurbished Motion Computing tablets.  We have a lot in stock and can customize them if you have specific requirements. 

Allegiance Technology sells new, used and refurbished Motion Computing tablet computers.

If you are looking for a rugged tablet to use in the field or in a vehicle, let our tablet experts guide you to a great purchasing decision.

Just call 215-441-5580 x101 or visit our Tablet Store.

  Better Support.  As a Motion Certified Maintainer, we are authorized to provide any in- or out-of-warranty service.

Better Information.  O
ur employees use Motion Computing tablets every day.  If you have questions, we have answers.

Better Pricing.   With almost $3M in Motion Computing sales in 2014, we can provide competitive pricing and still provide great service!