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Black Additional Digitizer Pen AC Power Pack - US USB Mobile Keyboard - US
Our Price: $34.99
Our Price: $39.99
Our Price: $49.99
Erase and write on your tablet PC with the ease of standard paper and pencil by using the digitizer pen for your F5, J-Series or L-Series Tablet PC. Eraser functionality makes editing of ink data a breeze! The large diameter and addition of a rubber grip make this pen more ergonomically sound. And the recessed button minimizes the risk of accidentally right-clicking while using the pen. Don't find yourself without your pen - order an additional one and take with you. Compatible with the F5, J-Series and L-Series Tablet PCs.

Note: While this pen will work with M-Series Motion Tablets, the pen WILL NOT fit in the pen barn on these devices.

Avoid forgetting your AC Power Adapter and power cord when traveling or working from home! A second AC Power Pack provides the convenience of working from multiple locations without the fuss of packing up the power sources for your Motion Tablet PC. The AC Power Pack is great for travel. This durable USB Keyboard easily connects to any Motion Tablet PC providing a functioning 104/105 key typing experience for all desktop and word-processing environments. With its ergonomically designed wrist pad and integrated touch pad, the keyboard provides a comfortable user experience in a compact size.
F5 Shoulder Strap F5 Carry Sleeve F5 ClipCarry
Our Price: $59.99
Our Price: $119.00
Our Price: $149.99
The F5/C5-Series Should Strap offers users who do not require a full carrying case a comfortable and convenient way to carry F5 or C5-Series Tablet PC between job sites. Users can securely attach the strap to the tablet handle. (Weight: 5.3 oz/150g, Length: 59.9") The Carry Sleeve for the Motion C5 and F5 allows users who are in the field or on their feet all day, a comfortable and convenient way to transport and use the tablet PC. It provides extra protection for the tablet PC while giving you alternative carrying options with the shoulder strap. The integrated easel also enables you to easily stand the C5 or F5 on flat surfaces for working or viewing. Carry Sleeve design also provides for an opening at the bottom which allows you to use the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet Module. The ClipCarry is an ergonomic carrying solution designed specifically for the C5 and F5 use in mind. The ClipCarry clasps securely onto the back of the tablet to provide alternate methods for carrying and holding the device when in use. It includes a comfortable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying throughout the workday in addition to a hand strap positioned on the backside of the tablet that provides an ergonomic and comfortable method of holding the tablet while writing on or interfacing with the tablet display.
12V Auto/Air AC & DC Adapter w/ US Power by Lind Black F5-Series Additional Battery F5 Battery Charger w/ US Power
Our Price: $150.00
Our Price: $169.00
Our Price: $179.99
The Lind Auto/Air Adapter will power your Motion Tablet PC from an AC wall, automobile or airline outlet.* The integrated USB port provides flexibility allowing you to charge other devices such as cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and more. The Auto/Air adapter is made using quality components and is guaranteed to meet the power specifications of the Motion Tablet PC and provides protection against over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, and short circuits.

* Airline in-seat power is limited to 75 Watts and is subject to availability on aircraft. Contact your airline to find out if in-seat power is available for your flight. Available with US power cord only.

Note: This is a third-party branded product, which is warranted and supported by the original equipment supplier.

Never be caught without power when you need it most. An additional battery is the perfect companion when working for extended periods of time away from the Docking Station or power outlet. The battery can be charged while in the tablet, or in the C5/F5 Battery Charger or the battery charging slot provided in the Docking Station. The handy power meter included on the battery takes the guess work out of determining available battery life. The Battery Charger for the Motion C5 or F5 is an external bay to charge additional batteries, giving the capability of a full day of performance. The battery charger's small footprint accommodates small spaces. The charger's LED indicates battery charge status. The convenient interlocking design offers ways to have as many charging bays, as needed, chained together in one location. For those long, busy work days, rapidly charge an infinite amount of additional batteries within 2 hours. (Additional battery not included)

It only comes in white!
Black F5-Series Docking Station w/ US Power USB Keyboard by iKey F5 Mobile Dock w/ Key Lock
Our Price: $388.99
Our Price: $395.00
Our Price: $599.00
The Black F5 Dock is a full-featured, desktop docking station. The F5 Dock features external ports to support an external VGA display, RJ45 connectivity and additional USB accessories such as a full-sized keyboard, mouse and printer. The Docking Station includes a charging bay to charge an additional battery which can be hot swapped while the unit is docked. The Dock also has a universal lock slot for added security. AC power Pack included.
The iKey Mountable Keyboard with Touchpad is designed for vehicle mounting in emergency, police, service or transport vehicles and marine vessels. The keyboard features a user-friendly, integrated touchpad, backlit keys for low-light environments, a one-touch emergency key and mounting holes.

Note: This is a third-party branded product, which is warranted and supported by the original equipment supplier.

The C5/F5-Series Mobile Dock w/ Key Lock is a rugged docking solution for the Motion F5-Series and C5-Series Tablet PCs. The C5/F5-Series Mobile Dock w/ Key Lock offers full port replication (VGA, USB and Ethernet), charging capability and is convenient to mount using a standard 75mm VESA hole pattern. A secure latch offers simple, one-handed docking and undocking of the C5 and F5-Series Tablet PCs, and the integrated key lock provides increased security. Integrated cable management ensures input devices remain connected while installed in the dock. The C5/F5-Series Mobile Dock w/ Key Lock is perfect for in-vehicle mounting and has been tested to withstand a typical 20G shock.

Dock only. The C5/F5-Series Mobile Dock w/ Key Lock works with the standard Motion Power Supply. Power supply sold separately.

F5 Multi-Bay Battery Charger w/ US Power
Our Price: $599.99
C5/F5-series Multi-Bay Battery Charger charges up to 5 batteries at the same time and is ideal for multi-user workflows. The charging solution is perfect for pooled work groups in field service, healthcare and retail organizations where team members can pick up a tablet and an extra battery at the beginning of the workday or swap for a new battery when a battery gets low during the day.